Caz Scott
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Caz Scott
The Pinnacles, Dorset

"I believe there isn't a place that compares to the one where the world has come alive to you, where you know every rock, every path, and now all these images are held so clearly in my mind," says Caz. "At the edge the power of nature is so clear and to stand at the sea's edge and know how that landscape has been shaped, 500 million years of history, changes so massive, yet looking and feeling so permanent and unchanging. Knowing it will all disappear and reform and reshape. There at the edge I can see so clearly, the light takes on a different quality." In her work Caz aims to reflect the strength and structure of the land. "When I look I see everything is perfectly placed, nothing untidy, no jarring notes, great harmony. I can't improve it but I only aim to reflect. I want my audience to look, nearly as hard as I do when I'm out drawing." Her paintings are literal, as she doesn't feel that she wants to try to improve on what she sees, simply interpret. The canvases are flat, with no texture because when she looks at the land, always in her imagination she can stroke the landscape, run her hand across, to feel it and touch it and she can do that across her canvas.

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