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Art lovers often enjoy talking to an artist or craftsperson at a gallery preview or open studio to find out about them and what inspires the creation of their work. Engaging conversations can really help to make a sale. In these changing times it's not always possible to meet customers and have a good natter, so the next best thing is to let them hear you at their leisure. This is the power of the Creative Coverage In Conversation podcast, which has a strong ranking on the search engines, making it easy to find. Using this platform artists can introduce their work to a whole new international audience.


The relaxed interview style of journalist Tim Saunders puts the interviewee at ease. The edited conversation creates an enjoyable insight into the life of an artist. Voices are powerful things and this podcast is another tool that Creative Coverage gives its members for their marketing toolboxes.  


Great things can happen as a result of taking part, in terms of sales and press coverage.  



So good that I get not 1 but 2 podcasts!!!!!!  I was going to email you and say that I was concerned that I'd waffled about too much but you have made me sound amazing. Thank you!!!!!! I'm really pleased with both of them. I can't believe how good I sounded - even I wasn't bored listening to myself!

Sue Purser Hope

Chairwoman of the Contemporary Glass Society


Tim, thank you so much for everything and getting me to do the In Conversation podcast!! I hardly dare listen to it but I'm really pleased! Great editing. All the galleries seem pleased with it and one has put it on its facebook page. So great to have you on my team! 

Jill Barthorpe


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