Richard Whittlestone
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Richard Whittlestone
Cold Feet

Born in 1963, Richard began drawing aged five and sold his first paintings – a Bullfinch and a Chaffinch - when he was 13 years old. Self taught, and with a deep love and knowledge of animals, birds and the countryside he has been a wildlife artist all his adult life. Richard grew up on a dairy farm and likens his profession to that of a farmer, as it is a true vocation. In 1985 aged 22, Richard first exhibited with the SWLA. He was made a member of the British Watercolour Society (now defunct) in 1988 and won best painting two years running. He has held many one-man exhibitions but he rarely puts work forward for general exhibition "and maybe this is a failing," he says. "I pay close attention to detail, both in subject matter and quality of presentation," Richard adds. "My clientele tend not to be animal watchers or birding groups but are more likely people with a love of the countryside and country pursuits – and there is a difference." During the 1980s and '90s Richard sold his work through galleries including The Byram Gallery in Huddersfield, Stud Farm Gallery in Derbyshire, William Sissons Gallery in North Yorkshire and Harrods Picture Gallery in London. For the past 12 years he has run a permanent exhibition at his own gallery on the Chatsworth estate, which brings in clients from all over the world. He shows with the House of Bruar in Perthshire. "Luckily for me, sales have always been fairly buoyant but I have currently enough stock to supply possibly two extra galleries – maybe more if prints are drawn into the equation," Richard says. "Quality of life is paramount to me and fortunately my career affords me the flexibility to spend time with my family and our countless animals!"

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